Program Progress Guide

What is the program progress guide?

The Program Progress Guide in Degree Works offers a terrific look at where a student is at the moment the guide is generated.  It shows courses completed, academic standing, progress toward degree completion, and in-progress program requirements.  The legend at the bottom of the Program Progress Guide shows how you can identify which requirements are incomplete, in-progress, and complete.

What is some information I can find in the degree blocks?

  • Total number of credits necessary for the degree program Total credits already applied to the degree program
  • Total number of transfer credits applied to the program
  • Number of credits already earned or in-progress
  • Number of credits still needed in order to graduate
  • Minimum requirement for courses and credit Progress on completing minimum requirement Total number of upper-level credits completed (UG)
  • Total number of upper-level credits remaining (UG)
  • Major requirements progress (UG)
  • General Education requirements progress (UG)
  • General Electives requirement progress (UG)
  • Support courses passed based on writing assessment score (Doctoral)
  • Link to all degree concentration/major requirements
General Education block (Undergraduate Students)

  • Completed that requirement
  • Courses that satisfy the requirement
  • Courses a student can register for and complete to fulfill the requirement
  • Courses transferred into Walden that satisfy the requirement
  • Source institution for the transferred credits

General Electives block (Undergraduate Students)

Displays the general electives an undergraduate student can register for to apply towards their degree program

Specialization Block (Masters and Doctoral Students)

When graduate and doctoral programs have specializations or concentrations, all courses that contribute to the fulfillment of specialization degree requirements are listed

Major Block (All students)

You can view all courses completed in your major. These requirements go beyond the general education requirements contained within all undergrad programs, and for graduate and doctoral programs, comprise the content-specific program requirements for a students graduate or doctoral work.

Courses not used in current program block

If a student changes their degree program, major, or specialization after having completed several courses at Walden (or, if after having several credits transfer into Walden from a previous institution), some of the earned credits may not contribute to the new program

Insufficient block

The Insufficient block lists courses completed by the student that are insufficient for contribution to the students degree completion. These are most often courses a student has failed or withdrawn from at Walden.

In Progress/Preregistered Classes block

Courses that a student is completing in the current term, courses a student is registered for in a future term, or unofficial transfer of credit courses (courses with a grade of "PR" awaiting submission of an official transcript), will be detailed in the In-Progress and Preregistered block of the Program Progress Guide. These courses are also listed in Major In, Specialization, and other course information blocks of the PPG; the In-Progress and Preregistered block simply organizes those courses for easy viewing.

What does the "@" symbol indicate?

If you see an "@" symbol in your PPG, that means a student can take any course within the subject code and number range. For example "[email protected]" means a student can take any 3000 level Psychology course to fulfill that requirement.

What does the clip board icon indicate?

These clipboard icons indicate that a prerequisite course is required to be completed before a student can register for that particular course.

How is the program progress guide different from my transcript?

The Program Progress Guide is a tool to assist you with planning and tracking your progress towards your degree. Your transcript is your official university record. This evaluation is not your academic transcript and it is not official notification of completion of your requirements.

If all boxes are checked on my program progress guide, does that mean I have graduated?

Not necessarily.  In order for your degree to be conferred, you must submit a graduation application located in your student portal. Graduation applications should be submitted when you are in your final course in your program and have met all other requirements.  Upon submission, the Registrars Office will review your application and perform a preliminary audit to determine if you are eligible to graduate.  Confirmation of your eligibility will be communicated via email.

Will I be able to see a list of all the courses I have taken throughout my entire academic history?

Yes. While in the Program Progress Guide, click the "Class History" link located near the top of the audit. This will produce a printable list of courses taken at Walden, as well as transferred courses taken within the same level (undergraduate or graduate). Please note this is a list of courses and not an official transcript.

What should I do if I think information on my program progress guide is not correct?

Please contact your Student Success Advisor by email at [email protected] if you believe your information on the Progress Progress Guide is incorrect.

What is the "What if" feature

The "What-If" feature allows you to hypothetically change your program or concentration. The "What-If" audit will show you what coursework is required for the new program or concentration, what courses you have taken that satisfy the requirements, and what courses are still left for you to take.

If I use the "What if" feature, will this change my program or concentration?

No. The "What-If" function is for informational purposes only. If you like what you see and what to proceed with the change, please contact your SSA. Certain program changes may require an additional application.

Am I able to save a "What If" audit that I created

Yes, you can save the "What-If" audit to your personal computer as a PDF document. "What-If" audits cannot be saved within Degree Works.

What is the difference between the program progress guide and the plans tab?

The Program Progress Guide is a list of requirements needed to complete your degree. The "Plans" tab allows you to map out your program requirements term-by-term and can easily be updated to fit your schedule. Both are tools to help keep you on track to graduation.

When I view my Program Progress Guide, my planned courses are no longer listed.

That is supposed to happen. Your Program Progress Guide shows you the courses you have already completed or are registered in. You can view how your planned courses will meet your program requirements by going to the "Plans" tab and selecting the "Audit" link.

What browser is this compatible with? I'm having issues loading the page.

Degree Works is most compatible with the Google Chrome browser window, and specifically an incognito browser window.  Degree Works will time out for users after 30 minutes, so to avoid needing to clear cache, using incognito browser windows in Chrome is the best method of operation. If you are still having issues, contact our Customer Care Team by using the Live Chat feature in the "Help" icon of your student portal or call 1-(800)-925-3368.

I need assistance logging into the portal.

Degree Works is a single sign-on system, so correct entry of a user ID and password should allow access to Degree Works.  If users are having login issues, make sure you are using the correct user ID and password. If you are still having issues, contact our Customer Care Team by using the Live Chat feature in the "Help" icon of your student portal or call 1-(800)-925-3368.

I see an error message, "user does not have permission to access dashboard", what should I do?

If a Degree Works user sees an error message stating that the "user does not have permission to access dashboard," the user has timed out of Degree Works and will need to re-login in order to fully access the system.

Student Educational Planner

What can I do on my plans tab?

Drag and drop courses into your program to view scenarios on achieving your degree.

How often should I update my plan?

At a minimum, you should review and/or update your planner every quarter or semester. You should also update your plan when you drop a course, receive an unsatisfactory grade in a course or make any other changes that affect your degree progress.

How do I know if the courses I planned in the plans tab meet the requirements to earn my degree?

You can view how your planned courses will meet your program requirements by going to the “Plans” tab and selecting the “Audit” hyperlink.  Any courses in the “Courses Not Use in Current Program” area will not satisfy your degree requirements..

Am I required to have a plan?

You are not required to have a plan, the plan is a tool to help you in planning out your progress towards your degree. You can also register based on the couses you chose in your plan.

Am I able to create more than one plan?

Users can create as many educational plans as they want to try out different strategies for completing their degree and can access all created plans in the same area as where new plans are created.  Plans should be updated as needed, and reviewed often.

Who do I contact with questions about creating or editing a plan?

Contact your Student Success Advisor by scheduling an appointment from the "Help" icon in your mywalden student portal or send an email to [email protected].

How can I change a course in the plan?

If a student changes their mind about taking a planned course in a future term and wants to take a different course, then the future course can be removed and an alternate course can be selected from the "Still Needed" menu.

How do I move a course in the plan?

To move a course, you can simply drag a course from one term to another. This is helpful if a student simply wants to take courses in a different order in future terms, or if a student has gotten off-track in their program and needs to shuffle their future course order to get back on-track.

Will the program progress guide update when I update my plan?

After a plan is built, the Planner Audit feature will adjust the Degree Progress meter to show how the student's degree progress will be impacted as a result of completing the plan. Adding a course to the plan does not update the Program Progress Guide. However, students can use the "Planner Audit" feature to see how those planned courses fit into their program.

Course Registration

Where do I register?

To register you will go to the home page of your student portal and click on "Registrations". If you have created a plan in the plans tab then those courses will appear here for you to select. If you have not created a plan, you would either create a plan, or go to the program progress guide to determine which course you much register for next. Then you would return to the registrations page, search and register for those courses.

How do I register for courses?

Visit the student portal and select registrations.  Select add/drop a course, select term, search for the course using the subject and course number look up field.  If you have created a plan, you will see a plans tab where you will see the courses in your plan for easy registration. Click add next to desired section followed by review summary and click submit.